Sourcing Our Oneness

When:  31st May, 2015

Where:  Unity Pavillion, Auroville

Under the title ‘Sourcing Our Oneness’, a series of programs were conceived for those working for the fulfilment of the aims and ideals of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother through various organisations such as Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Society, The Golden Chain Fraternity, World Union, Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Auroville International, SACAR, and Delhi Ashram Branch. The aspiration was to facilitate the coming together of people from various backgrounds and initiating the building of a common platform where the collective aspiration can guide the outcome. The very first program in this series was hosted at the Unity Pavilion, Auroville on May 31, 2015. Following encouraging feedback and generating a lot of goodwill, a further program was planned.

The second program in this series, on the theme of ‘Harmony’, was hosted by Sri Aurobindo Society at its Sharanam premises on October 25, 2015, where about 60 people participated. After the initial refreshments, the participants gathered at the main hall of Sharanam for a collective invocation of the Mother’s presence, led by Dr Sampadananda Mishra and his team. Jaya and Shivakumar welcomed all the participants and briefly explained what was in store for them for the day.

This was followed by a wonderful session offered by Aloka on an exploration of the theme of harmony through the five elements and the corresponding five senses. She took all the participants on a journey from ‘the near to the far’, gently awakening awareness of the aspects of the five elements and their presence in our physical and emotional beings.

Aloka began with some simple fun exercises to test concentration. She would give simple instructions like ‘walk’, ‘stop’ and vary the pace so the participants had no choice but to concentrate!  Her next instruction was to do the opposite of the earlier actions–thereby one had to be twice as much careful and attentive. Additional commands and varied pace kept everyone on their toes–literally! The session moved to a deeper level as everyone was asked to be mindful of the presence of elements which manifest as various emotions or dimensions in us.  So movement was combined with sense awareness; becoming aware of the textures below our feet, the feel of the touch of water and air, along with the state of our emotional being. Altogether a beautiful experience, uplifting the gathering through awareness!

After a short break, the participants gathered together were guided to take their coming together to the next level, by dividing them into smaller groups based on their work areas or areas of interests such as education, health, arts, organisational work, and outreach. Every table was joined by a senior person from a particular field of activity, and then the group members were helped by group facilitators to arrive at collective insights of the group on the chosen topic. This was followed up by an introduction of their work and an action plan on how to remain in touch with each other and continue and expand this collaboration.  

A final session was held where a representative from each group read out the outcome of their discussions, and it was resolved that these suggestions and ideas generated through the discussions will be followed up with concrete action plans. Jaya and Shivakumar concluded by saying that this event will be followed up with many more future programs. The day’s sessions ended with the playing of the Mother’s reading of Savitri and in an expression of gratitude by all the participants to the Divine for the beautiful program.

The ambience at Sharanam, the organizing team’s efforts and the participants’ involvement in the program created a beautiful atmosphere of harmony all around. Following this, there was also a short visit to the Lake estate of the Ashram where all the participants were given a guided tour explaining the significance of the place where the Mother signed the Ashram trust deed. All in all, it was a confluence of people from various organisations and backgrounds, getting together for sourcing their oneness.