Mother’s Bank

In a simple and everyday living, Money is a tool that allows us to ‘measure’ value of products & services, ‘store’ the value and ‘facilitate’ its exchange. In yogic terms, Sri Aurobindo said: “Money is the visible sign of a universal force… To reconquer it for the Divine to whom it belongs and use it divinely for the divine life is the supramental way for the Sadhaka.”

In the “Mother’s Bank” sub-group at the Sourcing Our Oneness retreat in September, we experienced very deeply the need for transforming the banking and financial system. We saw very closely how the current financial systems have structural flaws and are crumbling down. One of the visible sign is the social divide where just 6 human beings own more financial wealth than 50% of human population on earth.  The other visible sign is an ecological crisis led by economic systems aiming for endless GDP growth. Sri Aurobindo had written about it as: “This economic barbarism is essentially that of the vital man who mistakes the vital being for the self and accepts its satisfaction as the first aim of life.”

The present Banking system channels money primarily in the direction of wherever it is likely to get “higher interest rate” or generate “higher returns”. Most of us didn’t know whether money deposited in our respective bank accounts is being channeled further by the banks for regeneration or destruction of the life on earth. We discussed various possibilities and specifics for creating a “Mother’s Bank” which will operate transparently and with a higher consciousness to channel money towards creating a divine life on earth.

An important theme for our conversation was also the need to go beyond money and transactions to create a Gift Economy where we give and receive freely in the spirit of Oneness. In one of our circles, we all shared stories of how strangers helped us in completely unexpected situations with so much unconditional love. How do we transform the banking systems by designing it to amplify generosity and rediscover our oneness, was a question we all reflected upon. We co-created a beautiful environment and held space for collective wisdom to emerge. A presentation on Gift Economy was made on the last day of the retreat and we also shared the highest intention for the Mother’s Bank in the form of group performance on stage.

Many of us felt strongly that the “Mother’s Bank” will not be really about money and transactions, but engaging consciously with money to create a world where money will no more be needed. That would be in the direction of the Mother’s dream for the new creation: “For in this ideal place money would no longer be the sovereign lord; individual worth would have a far greater importance than that of material wealth and social standing.”

In the follow-up meeting on November 2, 2017, we’ll be happy to share a presentation with our learning and insights. Looking forward to working together in the spirit of Love and Oneness.

(Mother’s Bank group members at the Sourcing Our Oneness retreat at Van Nivas, Nainital in September 2017: Amarnath, Anju, Arati, Deven, Dilipbhai, Divish, Jamal, John Robert, Shekhar, Shekhar, Shruti and Tilak.)